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Booking a Screening

We are thrilled at the outpouring of support and excitement

we have received about ALLIANCEand are currently scheduling screenings for the month of September and beyond. Dates can be limited depending on your location, so we encourage you to schedule early. If you are interested in booking a screening, please contact us at


One other way to help bring ALLIANCE to your town, is to help us secure spots in film festivals; see below for more information.

Film Festival Screenings

If you’re interested in helping us submit the film to a festival near you, here’s how you can help:    

  1. Research costs & deadlines for the festival and confirm they accept feature length documentaries.

  2. Contact us to tell us your plan.

  3. Consider donating our entry fee. Fees generally range from $15-$100 depending on the festival. To donate the entry fee, use the donate form and let us know what festival you'd like to support.

  4. If you know someone who works for the festival, be sure to let them know to keep an eye out for our film (and let them know if you donated the entry fee). Festivals are hit or miss depending on the taste of the random volunteer film screener. If you can get the attention of one of the festival programmers or board members, the film will have a much better chance of being selected.

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