Special thanks to all who have supported the film so far:

Women In Film & Video — Seed Fund for Documentary Filmmakers Grant

New Jersey Council for the Humanities — Action Grant

Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County — Artists & Scholars Project Grant

Anne Kleinfeld Brown

Daniel Greenblatt

Donald & Sandra Salins

Julie & Dave Milliken 

Karen Donovan 

Kevin & Ingrid Nichols

Rose Zager Lesser

Susan & Ray Hanson

Tonya Ohnstad 

Tuvana Bain

Gladys & Azer Kehnemui

Heidi Clark

Ken & Ellen Salins

Liz Kelner Pozen & Ed Pozen (The Ashurst Foundation)

Arlene Colton

Harris Colton

Jennifer & Dave Beaudet

Jetta & Cetin Karabulut

Lois Goldman

Sam (Marsha) Schumer

Erika & Jeremy Newell

Andrea Shore

Cristina Collura

Deirdre Bloch Barlaz

Jackie Fishman

Jennifer Gershman

Linda Marcuse

Lisa White

Maria Emanuel 

Matthew Clash-Drexler 

Ruth Weinstein

Stacey Singer 

Tom Kinsella

Valerie Lucchesi

Joe Zagar

Andrea Portocarrero

Alan Keller

ALLIANCE is currently seeking production and post-production funding. 
Make a donation by credit card at https://www.gofundme.com/f/alliancedoc

Or, use a check to make a tax deductible donation. Mail a check payable to:

Video/Action | 1200 18th Street, NW | Suite 300 | Washington, DC 20036 

Be sure to state: "ALLIANCE" on the check.

If you would like to host a small fundraiser with a screening of the teaser,
please contact us as we'd love to meet you.