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From the clutch of a tyrannical czar in 1882 to the sandy soils of southern New Jersey, forty-three Russian Jewish families escaped persecution to partake in a first-time social experiment—to form a cooperative agricultural-based community. The full-length documentary, ALLIANCE, tells this unique true story of family, immigration, connection, and growth. This film looks at the foundational history of the Alliance Colony, the first successful Jewish farming community in the United States. 


A vast network of Alliance descendants continue to remain in touch with each other. Together they are able to trace their families’ histories and retell the stories of their ancestors—inspiring stories that deserve to be remembered, tales of immigration and early American Jewry. ALLIANCE casts a light on the brave souls that made this seemingly impossible experiment thrive. This will be the only documentary bearing witness to the stories of Alliance descendants and their ancestors with a currently relevant exploration of immigration.

Today, walking through the cemetery that is the final resting place to generations of Alliance Colony ancestors, one can almost hear the stories of the families that settled this area, and how those families have intersected and diverged throughout the last century.

And now this film captures the heartening history and

the legacy that is ALLIANCE will live on.


Directed and Produced by Susan Kehnemui Donnelly

Little Buttercup Films

Cinematography by Ted Salins


Named a 2021 "Hot Film in the Making"

by the Roy W. Dean Grant from

From the Heart Productions


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